Kenia Whitehead, Ph.D.

Dr. Kenia Whitehead is an environmental scientist specializing in biogeochemical processes, microbial physiology, and quantitative analysis of complex environmental data sets, with specific expertise in the areas of aquatic systems, environmental analytics, and organic geochemistry.  With more than 15 years of experience, her approach focuses on methods that provide integrated assessments and an understanding of underlying processes.  Dr. Whitehead has performed benthic community and marine assessments, assessed biological impacts of environmental and chemical factors, and conducted analyses for contaminant and nutrient source tracing.  She is experienced in analytical method development, the use of stable isotopes as tracers and process indicators, and chemical analysis of organic constituents using a variety of mass spectrometric techniques.  She has conducted multiple field programs including study design, data processing, and reporting to support site investigations and litigation.

Prior to joining Integral, Dr. Whitehead was a scientist at the Institute for Systems Biology where she studied the effects of environmental perturbations on microbial systems, using whole genome expression analysis and quantitative proteomics.  She is also experienced in a wide variety of computational analysis and data visualization techniques for the integration of diverse data types and environmental metadata.