Laura Jones
Vice President
Laura Jones's headshot

Ms. Laura Jones is an analytical chemist with more than 25 years of experience specializing in data integrity evaluations, development of customized data and document management systems, environmental investigations, environmental analytical chemistry, and QA/QC data review and validation. She is responsible for project management of large multimedia environmental investigations, preparation of sampling and analysis plans (SAPs) and quality assurance project plans (QAPPs), data interpretation, and development of quality assurance programs for federal Superfund and RCRA sites, as well as for sites within various state and federal regulatory programs. Ms. Jones manages project QA/QC, in particular working with regulatory agencies on the specific QA/QC program that will be established for a project, which includes developing project-specific quality assurance programs, conducting laboratory audits and oversight and coordination, establishing protocols for data validation and data quality reporting, and managing the data obtained. She has prepared quality assurance procedures and guidance for several large industrial clients for use at multiple facilities around the nation to ensure the development of consistently high quality analytical data in various regulatory frameworks. She has authored numerous SAPs and QAPPs that comply with federal or state regulatory programs and take into account unique data quality objective requirements of specific projects. Ms. Jones has extensive experience in the development and application of quality assurance programs for scientific consulting services. The International Standards Organization (ISO) has developed a quality assurance program (ISO 9001) aimed at manufacturing industries to ensure product quality. The application of this standard in the services sector can be particularly problematic and only a handful of consulting service organizations were ISO 9001 certified when this program was developed in 1998. Ms. Jones participated in a three person team that developed an ISO 9001 quality assurance program for services of a midsized (600-person) consulting company. In this role, Ms. Jones interpreted the ISO standard as it applies to consulting projects, assisted with the development of all aspects of the company program, conducted internal training for nationwide staff, conducted internal compliance audits, and participated in external certification audits. The program was successfully implemented and ISO certified in an expedited time frame.