We work closely with lawyers and law firms to provide clear, convincing, and objective technical expertise on a broad array of regulatory and litigation matters. 

Our technical experts provide attorneys with the support they need by conducting thorough research and analysis, developing clear and convincing written opinions and exhibits, and preparing carefully for deposition and trial.  Our staff have served as expert witnesses on issues involving chemical risks to human health and the environment, natural resource damages, engineering design, air quality, environmental forensics, chemical fate and transport, sources and timing of chemical releases, conceptual site models, quantitative models, and allocation of liability for past chemical releases to the environment.

recent news and articles

Environmental Law: Integral’s Keith Brodock Teaches PFAS Course

If you want to learn more about the class of chemicals known as PFAS, ask Integral Consulting Inc.’s Keith Brodock, P.E., P.P.  Mr. Brodock has contributed to a new Lawline course “PFAS Regulatory Landscape, Technical Issues and State of Litigation.” The highly...

Ferries for Science: Using WSDOT Ferries to Observe Tidal Currents

ADCP installed on the MV Salish In Washington’s Puget Sound, scientists are conducting long-term monitoring of currents to improve navigation safety and to characterize tidal energy resources.  This type of research can be expensive, but an innovative,...

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