Oceans, coasts, and coastal estuaries provide critical economic, environmental, and social services for our clients.  We bring multidisciplinary expertise to develop practical solutions for our clients’ needs, from best practices in forecasting and monitoring, to efficient and effective permitting, to supporting sustainable development in challenging aquatic environments.


Coastal hazard and resiliency assessments or permitting and engineering support require accurate characterization of the local environment.  Whether for resource protection or supporting sustainable development, we utilize state-of-the-art measurement and modeling tools, coupled with rigorous assessment of biological and ecological impacts to get the right job done.  Our multifaceted approach helps our clients develop cost-effective and sustainable solutions.

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offshore energy

The offshore environment presents unique challenges throughout all phases of offshore energy projects.  We support offshore energy projects worldwide with clear planning and implementation of environmental, geophysical, and meteorological and oceanographic assessments.  Together with our clients, we develop insightful project solutions.  By delivering safe, efficient, and practical offshore site investigations, our results support permanent solutions that work.

Oil and Gas | Offshore Wind


As marine renewable energy technologies, such as marine hydrokinetic energy and offshore wind farms, evolve from pilot to commercial scale, accurate assessment of site-specific resources and potential environmental effects is essential for permitting and project implementation.  Our innovative tools quantify the relationships between the environment and device arrays, which help maximize energy production while minimizing environmental and ecological effects.

Marine Hydrokinetic Energy | Offshore Wind | Metocean | Modeling | Currents | Waves | Sediment Transport | Coastal Ecology

climate change

Climate change is driving planning, operational, and infrastructure decisions for our clients.  We implement state-of-the-art forecasting and monitoring of coastal impacts, develop carbon footprint strategies, and offer insightful evaluations of greenhouse gas mitigation options to understand changes in the physical, regulatory, and social environments.  By applying dynamic insight, we achieve sustainable solutions in an evolving planet.

Sea Level Rise | Coastal Hazard Analysis | Climate Change


Oceanographic processes—whether physical, chemical, or biological—affect all aspects of the Blue Economy.  From maritime safety to coastal planning, we develop robust client solutions in environments ranging from coastal and estuarine waters to the deep ocean.  Our comprehensive understanding of physical, biogeochemical, and acoustic processes, coupled with advanced monitoring and modeling tools, enables us to craft innovative approaches for complex ocean projects.

Modeling | Currents | Waves | Sediment Transport | Metocean | Acoustics | Water Quality | Real-Time Data

Monitoring TECHNOLOGIes

The ocean environment is energetic and incredibly diverse, which makes collecting the data to support design, permitting, and execution of ocean projects complex and challenging.  We know the value of having the right data to meet project needs.  That’s why our team has led the way in developing and applying innovative tools and techniques to collect the necessary data to understand complex ocean processes and human–ocean interactions.

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