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The services you need to get the right job done right.

From analysis and assessment to negotiation and design, we have the services—and the team—to deliver the best solutions each and every time. 

How?  Our team of toxicologists, engineers, geoscientists, marine scientists, chemists, data scientists, and others skillfully blend technical expertise with big-picture context and insight.

Integral Service Hexagon Environmental


Our team is at the forefront of technical and regulatory PFAS developments. Our experts can guide you through new and complex PFAS regulations and evaluate associated risks.

Coastal Climate Risk & Resilience

Coastal Climate Risk & Resilience

We identify science-based solutions to coastal-related challenges by taking a holistic, systems approach to understanding the risks posed by physical processes to social, economic, and ecological aspects of coastal communities and facilities.
Offshore Wind

Offshore Wind

Our team of oceanographers, analysts, economists, and engineers are dedicated to providing solutions that meet the needs of all ocean users.
Integral Service Hexagon Environmental


Whether it’s cleaning up legacy pollution, complying with environmental protection standards, or ensuring that restored environments are safe, we deliver permanent solutions that work. 


Our team develops practical remedies for all phases of remediation, stormwater, and development projects.


We work proactively to help clients and their counsel manage health risks and liabilities.


We help clients assess, manage, and mitigate ecological impacts associated with products, projects, and environmental practices.



We help clients identify and manage both liabilities and opportunities that emerge from activities relying on or affecting natural resources and the environment.


We use a variety of tools and approaches to build analytical models of the site environment and deliver clear visualization and communication of complex model results.


We bring multidisciplinary expertise to develop practical solutions for our clients’ needs, from best practices in forecasting and monitoring, to efficient and effective permitting, to supporting sustainable development in challenging aquatic environments.


We help clients bring new products to market and ensure the safety of their existing products. 


We deliver the facts with context and insight to answer the important questions in a clear and understandable way.


We combine high-value analytics and a wealth of subject matter expertise to deliver insightful solutions.

Our People Are Our Strength

We offer a highly experienced and dedicated team of professionals and supporting staff, many of whom are recognized experts in their fields. Technical specialists include ecologists, toxicologists, biologists, aquatic scientists, geologists, hydrogeologists, environmental and atmospheric chemists, and meteorologists, as well as civil, environmental, hydrologic, and geologic engineers.

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Latest Edition of Integral’s Sediment Newsletter: The Benthic Zone

Cleanup and protection of waterways is facing ever-expanding challenges, ranging from emerging contaminants to the assessment of conditions in real time, to untangling complex histories.

The Benthic Zone newsletter is the place where Integral scientists and engineers share their expertise, running the gamut of topics related to investigation, forensic evaluation, modeling, and remediation of contaminated sediments. Take a look under the water with us.