We help clients assess, manage, and mitigate ecological impacts associated with products, projects, or environmental practices.  We combine our expertise in ecology, toxicology, and risk assessment with a practical and common sense approach to develop solutions that are targeted, strategic, and effective. 

Ecological risk assessment

We conduct ecological risk assessments to support a variety of regulatory and product stewardship needs.  Clients turn to us for technically robust analyses, strategic thinking, and the very best communication—and this is what separates us from other firms.  We use our deep understanding of ecological processes to develop appropriately scaled and targeted analyses and management options. 

Superfund | RCRA | Ecological Modeling | Ecotoxicology

natural resource damage assessment

From building a technically sound basis for evaluating injury, causation, and baseline, to quantifying losses, scaling restoration, and assisting with cooperative assessments, we develop defensible strategies for all phases of the natural resource damage assessment process.  Our multidisciplinary team of ecologists, hydrogeologists, resource economists, and regulatory experts is known for strategic insights, technical depth, and the ability to communicate effectively with trustees and other stakeholders. 

NRDA | Strategic Planning | Cooperative Assessment | Ecological Restoration | HEA | REA

impact assessment

We conduct environmental impact assessments to help our client assess and manage impacts from development projects.  We design and implement efficient, science-based investigations to characterize baseline and model future conditions.  Our subject matter experts in marine mammals, migratory birds, benthic invertebrates, fisheries, terrestrial ecology, and wetlands conduct targeted analyses to answer important questions and develop solutions that withstand regulatory and public scrutiny.

NEPA | CEQA | Endangered Species Assessments | Wetland Assessment | Invasive Species

ecological modeling

We develop and implement models to assess the ecological impacts of physical, chemical, or biological stressors.  Our team intertwines our deeply rooted knowledge of ecology and ecosystem dynamics with our practical understanding of management needs to develop models that are effective in informing decisions.  We support clients across the globe in conducting ecological risk assessments, using population and ecosystem models, to characterize potential impacts from products, legacy conditions, and future projects.

Landscape and Habitat Modeling | Population Modeling | Ecosystem Modeling | Food Web Modeling | NEPA | CEQA | Superfund | FIFRA


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