In the evolving and dynamic world of product stewardship, we deliver insights and strategies to support industry sectors—such as apparel, cosmetics, food, chemical, petroleum, and pesticides—across all phases of a product’s life cycle.  We work collaboratively with our clients to determine the health, safety, and environmental profile of products and communicate this information to customers and other stakeholders.


We help clients bring new products to market and ensure the safety of their existing products.  Our team of world-class toxicologists, ecologists, chemists, and risk assessors expertly navigate the technical and regulatory landscape to answer questions and deliver proactive strategies.  This approach makes certain our clients’ products are safe, stable, and compliant with regulatory standards.

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Exposure Evaluations

Our clients’ products are diverse.  So too are the pathways and routes by which human or environmental exposures can occur.  We know one size does not fit all, so we tailor our analyses to evaluate the specific suite of exposures that could occur during product manufacture and use.  We apply our breadth of experience to implement targeted analyses that help our clients address and manage risk.


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Registration Support

Our clients’ businesses depend on getting products to market.  We get it.  Drawing on our scientific and technical expertise, we develop complete and defensible safety narratives to present to regulators for product registration programs.  We select from an array of approaches—from simple screening techniques to complex modeling—to conduct the right analyses to support sound scientific conclusions. 


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product defense

When products are under attack, we help our clients respond.  We fully explore the questions, concerns, and perspectives at issue, and then conduct technically appropriate assessments.  Our analyses address issues of exposure, toxicity, risk, chemistry, and compliance.  Employing robust risk communication techniques, we engage regulators, decision-makers, the media, and the public at-large in understanding the safety of our clients’ products.  We further provide technical and testimony support in litigation settings.

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