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Your Products, Our Passion.

Product Stewardship

Sustainable, Safe, Science-Based

Our comprehensive product stewardship consulting services are dedicated to guiding your journey towards safe and sustainable products. With a focus on environmental responsibility and consumer safety, our expert team will collaborate with you every step of the way from product design to disposal. Let us help you minimize environmental impact, ensure regulatory compliance, and enhance your brand’s reputation for sustainability.

Your products, our passion – together, let’s create a better future for all.

Product Stewardship from Design to Disposal

In today’s dynamic market, successfully launching and maintaining a product requires more than just meeting consumer demands. We specialize in navigating the complexities of the product life cycle, ensuring compliance with state, federal, and international regulations, occupational health and safety requirements, and sustainability standards at every stage. We partner with you to optimize your product stewardship journey and unlock the full potential of your offerings so your products can improve lives and make a lasting impact.

Effective Product Stewardship through Seamless Collaboration

Effective Product Stewardship Solutions Through Unfettered Collaboration

Your products and ingredients face complex regulatory challenges that require a multidisciplinary approach to address the needs of your business, employees, customers, the consumer, and the environment. Integral operates as a single profit center, allowing unfettered collaboration between chemists, toxicologists, engineers, scientists, economists, and business strategists.

We are proud to work with trade associations and research institutes as they bring innovation and safety to their industries.

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