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Mark Schroeder, E.I.T.

Mark Schroeder, E.I.T.


Mr. Mark Schroeder is an engineer who is broadly trained in environmental engineering and has focused experience in the fate and transport of contaminants in groundwater, soil, and sediment. His use of programming and ArcGIS analysis helps guide appropriate development of investigation and remediation strategies. As part of his graduate work, Mr. Schroeder quantified occurrences of benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, and xylenes in groundwater in areas of oil and gas development as well as the extent to which hydraulic fracturing is responsible for these occurrences for the Wattenberg Field of Colorado.

Data Analysis

GIS Data Analysis and Figure Production Proficient with using ArcGIS for data visualization and analysis, and for generating production figures to be used in technical reports. Developing tools used for automating repetitive processes using R and Python scripted computer languages.
R Scripting Proficient with data preparation, visualization, and analysis. Regularly used for data exploration and development of production figures. Developed internal documentation for bridging R Scripting and ArcGIS for more advanced tools to automate mapping tasks. Developed tools for automated data extraction from received document sets. Actively involved with the Data Analysis Practice Group and initiative to improve internal QA/QC practices.

Site Remediation

PFAS Treatment Cost Analysis Support, Various Locations, United States Cost model analysis for per- and polyfluorinated alkyl substances (PFAS) drinking water treatment systems. Prepared process flow diagrams for granular activated carbon (GAC) and ionic exchange PFAS treatment systems. Assisted with text and material development to support expert opinions.
Trichloropropane Treatment Designs and Cost Estimates for Numerous Locations, California Supported designs for a GAC treatment system for various wells with trichloropropane-impacted groundwater. Designs were used to develop cost estimates to account for the size of the vessels, GAC usage rates, piping layout, and cost of materials with respect to local rates.
Boulder Community Health Hospital, Boulder, Colorado Supported development of environmental monitoring of groundwater and soil work plan during hospital demolition activities. Additionally supported fieldwork activities such as well and boring installation, water level measurements, and observed ground penetrating radar activities. Assisted with analysis of collected data to make informed decisions for excavation of potentially hazardous waste.
Wood Treating CERCLA Facility, Columbus, Mississippi Supported engineering tasks with cost estimates, weekly activity logs, and coordination with external vendors for hazardous waste disposal. Provided additional support with ArcGIS for mapping tasks.
Lower Passaic River Superfund Site, Newark, New Jersey Supported engineering feasibility study for sediment remediation in the Lower Passaic River Superfund site. Developed Green and Sustainable Remediation (GSR) portion of feasibility study and appendix to assess environmental impacts such as air emissions, energy usages, and potential worker accident rates between active alternatives. Developed production figures for alternatives and remedial designs in ArcGIS.
Remediation Systems, Shoreham Yard, Minneapolis, Minnesota Supported confirmation sampling event for soil vapor extraction system removing VOCs and SVOCs. Responsibilities include data organization and ArcGIS production figure development for the remedial action implementation report, soil sampling fieldwork, and organization of sampling event data from subcontractors.

Litigation Support

Allocation Support for Portland Harbor Superfund Site, Willamette River, Oregon Support for data analysis and the fate and transport of contaminants in sediment in the Willamette River. Used ArcGIS and R Scripting to visualize the transport of contaminants upstream and downstream of the client site. Supported writing a technical memorandum for upland sources.
Expert Report Support at a Site in North Providence, Rhode Island Reviewed historical remediation activities and drafted section of the expert report. Reviewed the historical operations and witness testimonies to assist with expert opinion. Used R Scripting and ArcGIS for organization of preliminary data sets and drafting of figures.
PCB Exposure Analysis Support, Washington Supported data analysis, data organization, and quality control for PCB sampling data in air, wipe, and soil samples. Used R Scripting to prepare data for summary statistics and use in ArcGIS to visualize areas with potential exposure.
PFAS Litigation Support, Various Locations, United States Supported document review and data collection from thousands of documents. Developed R Scripting tools for automation of data extraction from produced documents, and for exploratory data analysis. Developed cost estimates to support expert opinions.