Silvia Gianetti Barber
Silvia Gianetti Barber's headshot

Ms. Silvia Barber is a scientist at Integral with 12 years of consulting experience in environmental projects primarily focused on site investigation and remediation.  She is a project manager with interdisciplinary background and is a certified lead-based paint risk assessor in the state of Hawai‘i.  Her key areas of expertise are the management of complex projects, planning and execution of large field efforts, design and implementation of incremental sampling methodology, and use of handheld x‑ray fluorescence (XRF) analyzers for metals analysis.  Ms. Barber has extensive experience in environmental due diligence supporting property transactions, including large portfolios of properties in the United States and abroad, and issues related to agriculture, including due diligence of large agricultural parcels of land.  She has participated in soil, sediment, water, air, and biota assessments at several Superfund sites in the mainland United States.  Ms. Barber is trained in using GIS mapping software.