Stefan Wodzicki
Project Scientist
Stefan Wodzicki's headshot

Mr. Stefan Wodzicki is a scientist with 18 years of experience and a background in environmental assessments, aquatic and terrestrial biological monitoring, sediment profile imaging and plan view (SPI–PV) image collection and analysis, laboratory work in aquatic toxicology, and collection of sediment, water, and biological samples.  His project experience includes work on sediment and water quality assessments, groundwater sampling, biota sampling, toxicology testing, stream ecology, and stream habitat surveys. Mr. Wodzicki has assisted in the design and implementation of numerous biological assessment monitoring programs.  Mr. Wodzicki serves as field lead in numerous field projects for a diverse set of private and governmental clients at industrial sites and municipalities.  Since 2010, Mr. Wodzicki has led and co-led scientific research teams in multiple oceanographic cruises in response to the Deepwater Horizon accident and oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. He was responsible for the implementation of sampling programs for the collection of water column samples as well as site selection of deep water sediment cores using a remotely operated vehicle. He is also responsible for preparing work plans, sampling and analysis plans, and health and safety plans; budgeting; and coordinating with consultants, subcontractors, and clients.