William Cutler, Ph.D., P.G.
William Cutler, Ph.D., P.G.'s headshot

Dr. William Cutler is a professional geologist with more than 30 years of experience in geosciences primarily focused on environmental site assessment and remediation.  He is well versed in managing all aspects of environmental projects, including strategy development, study design, technology assessments, senior management and agency communications, consulting and contracting services, field implementation, community relations, government affairs, and financial assessment and control.  He has managed complex remediation projects in excess of $50 million.  In addition to the management of individual projects, he has managed strategies and financial reserves for environmental liability site portfolios. Dr. Cutler’s areas of expertise include site assessments and investigations, sampling plan development, geophysical surveys, remedial technology assessments, and application of risk-based approaches.  He has designed and managed site remediation projects under federal Superfund, RCRA corrective action, and state programs.  Remedies employed range from simple soil removals to complex treatment systems for soil, groundwater, free product, and waste materials.  Dr. Cutler is very experienced at communicating with the community and regulators, and he often functions as the link between the scientific/technical team and other non-technical stakeholders.  One of his great strengths is financial evaluation of potential environmental liabilities, including individual sites and portfolios.