Negin Ghoseiri, E.I.T.
Senior GIS Analyst
Negin Ghoseiri, E.I.T.'s headshot

Ms. Negin Ghoseiri is a GIS analyst with 8 years of experience in processing, managing, and presenting environmental and geospatial data and leading geospatial and remote sensing data production, including workflow management, technical support, and process improvement. Ms. Ghoseiri has a diverse background in environmental data analysis, record research, geospatial data production, technical map production, and data visualization. Ms. Ghoseiri regularly uses the ArcGIS suite to generate complex technical maps and analyze spatial data. In addition, she has various skill levels in using data manipulation and analytical software such as QGIS, MicroStation, AutoCAD, Civil3D, and GeoCue and an evolving skill set in Python and R languages. Her academic background focused on data modeling, statistics, database management, spatial data analysis, and GIS.