Shannon Ashurst
Senior Scientist
Shannon Ashurst's headshot

Ms. Shannon Ashurst has 15 years of environmental consulting experience, working on remedial investigations, toxicology evaluations, long-term monitoring programs, ecological risk assessments, and allocation projects.  She has participated in and managed sediment and groundwater investigations for private and government clients.  Projects have included performing site characterizations and remedial investigations, monitoring post-dredge ecosystem recovery, evaluating potential dredge prism characterization approaches, conducting source characterization studies, assessing remedial action compliance with project benchmarks and criteria, performing ecological risk assessments, and assisting with remedial action optimization evaluations.  Ms. Ashurst has participated in the planning, sample collection, data analysis, and reporting phases of these projects.  Data analysis has included chemical distribution evaluations, statistical comparisons (e.g., source evaluations, derivation of site-specific cleanup levels, trend analysis), bioassay test evaluations, and risk modeling.