Elizabeth Rand
Elizabeth Rand's headshot

Ms. Elizabeth Rand is an environmental consultant with more than 20 years of experience in risk assessment, environmental regulation, and hazardous waste management. She has managed and supported complex human and environmental health risk assessments, critiques of state and federal environmental regulations and toxicological criteria, development of site-specific water quality criteria, development of risk management strategies for feasibility studies of hazardous waste sites, and preparation of testimony and rebuttals in support of environmental litigation. In addition to her toxicology and risk assessment experience, Ms. Rand has organized and supervised floodplain soil and sediment sampling, water quality and effluent sampling, environmental reconnaissance exercises, and watershed restoration projects.

Ms. Rand’s experience comprises projects that elucidate the transport and potential exposures and risks associated with dioxins, PCBs, metals, asbestos, hydrocarbons, and pesticides in various commercial and environmental media. Her projects have included evaluations related to land application of wastewater sludge and ash, effluent discharge to publicly owned treatment works and/or viable waterways, consumer use of pulp and paper products, and potential exposures at contaminated manufacturing and disposal sites. Ms. Rand has quantified health risks related to atmospheric loads of mercury to major river watersheds; the potential relationships between house-dust contamination and industrial site activities; and the disposition of, and environmental risks associated with, dioxin contamination of a floodplain and wetland. In addition, Ms. Rand has managed, designed, and implemented watershed surveys and nonpoint source pollution studies for several municipalities and soil and water conservation districts.