Andrew Nicholson, Ph.D.
Senior Science Advisor
Andrew Nicholson, Ph.D.'s headshot

Dr. Andrew Nicholson is a geochemist with 25 years of experience assessing the environmental impacts and chemical fate at industrial facilities and mining sites.  Dr. Nicholson has conducted analyses of the source and mobility of petroleum hydrocarbons, metals, PCBs, and other chemicals in sediment, soil, and groundwater.  His diverse, interdisciplinary experience includes predicting future water quality for the permitting of mines, fingerprinting petroleum hydrocarbons in the environment for litigation, and achieving regulatory approval of monitored natural attenuation as a remedy for metals and organic compounds in groundwater.  His work has included extensive analysis of the behavior of acids, metals, radionuclides, and organic compounds in the environment at mines and in chemical manufacturing, petroleum production, and industrial settings. Dr. Nicholson has authored numerous articles and book chapters, including the chapter on groundwater chemistry in the most recent edition of Groundwater and Wells, the standard reference for the water well industry.  He has served as an expert witness on a variety of matters, including determining the sources of petroleum hydrocarbons at manufactured gas plant and petroleum sites.