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Jim Knape
Data Manager

Mr. Jim Knape is a data manager with a background in environmental science and 8 years of experience collecting, organizing, and analyzing environmental data, including occurrence, control, and restoration data for invasive plants, and metrics on carbon emissions to develop abatement strategies.  His technical skills include database development, spatial data analysis, and website development.  Mr. Knape has carried out fieldwork, data management and analysis, program management, reporting, and client communications for terrestrial vegetation studies in the Pacific Northwest.

Data Management

Data Management, Mining Site, Western United States Serves as database manager to support natural resource damage claim for a former industrial site involving alleged injuries to aquatic and riparian resources and groundwater. Responsible for compiling, documenting, and summarizing disparate sampling and laboratory information into a concise form. Generates summaries and statistics for reporting and analysis by subject matter experts. Compiles documentation and metadata to explain data sources and procedures used to create the authoritative project database.
Data Management, Kerr-McGee Chemical Corp. Superfund Site, Navassa, North Carolina Database manager supporting characterization and remediation of environmental impacts associated with a former wood treatment facility. Developed custom database to compile, document, and summarize sampling and laboratory information. Produced custom summaries and export files designed for EPA reporting and custom analyses.
Data Management, Former Manufactured Gas Plant Site, Missoula, Montana Manages project database to support environmental assessment and remedial proposal for a former manufactured gas plant in Missoula, Montana. Automated process to load regional screening level criteria and generate initial comparative data files with analytical results.
Data Management, Lithium Mine, Argentina Maintains project database to support fate and transport numerical model from a mixed, fresh-brine, alluvial fan aquifer in northwest Argentina. Developing continuous, automated standardization of well characterization with field sampling data and data visualization dashboard interface.
Data Management, Noxious Weed Data Management and Reporting, Port Angeles, Washington Program manager for Integrated Weed Management Program and responsible for end-to-end data collection and management. Produced scripts for importing and translating field data and partner data into a Microsoft® Access database. Generated annual summaries and statistics to support state and county noxious weed regulatory reporting and compliance.
Data Management, Right-of-way Restoration and Revegetation, Olympic Peninsula, Washington Developed data collection tools and data management procedures as project lead in roadside restoration/revegetation effort to promote naturally site-appropriate, self-sustaining, pollinator-friendly, plant communities.
Data Management, Invasive Plant Consortium and National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Permit Lead, Olympic Peninsula, Washington Responsible for the maintenance and management of an invasive plant and landowner database to support invasive plant removal and NPDES reporting requirements for the Olympic Peninsula river system. Created automated scripts and web-based data collection tools to support field activities and community engagement.
Data Management, Rock, Sand, and Gravel Regulation Compliance Repository, Port Angeles, Washington Built and implemented a shared data repository to manage resource status and support the regulatory compliance efforts of public and private aggregate resources in regards to Washington State noxious weed laws. Conducted site investigations of active mining sites, storage and stockpile sites, and production facilities. Generated comprehensive invasive plant inventories with regulatory compliance documents. Provided tailored Integrated Pest Management plans to support compliance activities.
Large Woody Debris Assessment, Lower Issaquah Creek, Issaquah, Washington Led data collection to inventory riparian features of large woody debris and conducted preliminary analysis for suitability of enhancement projects.
Data Management, Enterprise Carbon Audit, Bellingham, Washington Responsible for enterprise data collection and data management for comprehensive corporate carbon audit, including Scope 1, 2, and 3 greenhouse gas emission sources. Performed extrapolation and analysis to develop data and figures for reports intended for a carbon disclosure project and long-term carbon abatement strategies.

GIS Design

Field Data Collection Applications, Washington Designed field data collection templates using Survey123, Collector, and iForm for environmental field activities including plant inventories, noxious weed control, public interaction and outreach, and large woody debris assessments.
GIS Technical Support, Multiple Projects Created and designed maps using the ArcGIS platform to support field activities, analysis, and reporting. Integrated workflows to accommodate web mapping and cloud-based data storage.