Patrick L. Friend, Ph.D., P.G., C.C.P.
Global Strategic Advisor, Marine, Coastal, and Environmental Sciences
Patrick L. Friend, Ph.D., P.G., C.C.P.'s headshot

Dr. Patrick Friend is an international coastal and marine scientist, geologist, and business strategist with more than 20 years of experience in project delivery and management for both the governmental and private sectors. His primary areas of scientific expertise include bio-sedimentology, sediment transport, and coastal geomorphology. Dr. Friend’s expertise as an economic geologist encompasses opportunity screening, strategic planning, probabilistic risk assessment, asset evaluations and acquisitions, quality assurance, and due diligence.

Dr. Friend has consulted extensively for port and harbor authorities, and coastal stakeholders. He spent 8 years as a research fellow at the University of Southampton’s world-renowned National Oceanography Centre, where he was scientific lead on three large, multidisciplinary European Union projects. He spent 10 years in the global offshore energy industry, working in multiple countries as a senior geologist and senior basin analyst. He returned to coastal and marine science in 2016 and is presently managing and developing projects in the Gulf of Mexico, Latin America, and West Africa.

Dr. Friend is a writer, reviewer, and editor for international scientific journals and has published on topics ranging from sediment transport pathways in dredged estuaries to bio-sediment interaction in the coastal zone, and shallow gas accumulation in modern deltaic systems. His present research focuses on nearshore sediment transport in the Gulf of Mexico and the physical behavior of nannofossil ooze.