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Sustainable Coasts: Integral’s “Coastal Protect Africa” Proposal Published in World Bank eBook

By David L. Revell, Ph.D., Principal
Craig A. Jones, Ph.D., Managing Principal
Patrick L. Friend, Ph.D., P.G., C.C.P., Global Strategic Advisor

Integral Consulting’s natural and nature-based solutions for resilient coastlines are highlighted in a recent World Bank publication on innovative and sustainable ways to address coastal issues faced by West African nations. The proposal model can be scaled and adapted to other global coastlines facing similar issues related to sea level rise and climate change hazards, manmade coastal erosion, sediment instability, and increased saline intrusion of coastal aquifers.

Titled “Addressing the Sustainability of Ports and Lagoon Systems in West Africa,” the shortlisted proposal includes highly innovative, multipurpose green technology for an integrated solution to coastal erosion and sediment management, which includes marine renewable energy.

The proposal illustrates Integral’s commitment to address the effects of climate change globally—solving issues on coastal climate risk and resilience in all communities—to make a positive impact on a changing world.

A key component involves extracting energy from waves using wave energy converters (WECs, shown on the right in the figure below) to reduce erosion at the coast, while simultaneously providing much needed desalinated drinking water and electricity.

Integral’s natural and nature-based solutions ensure continuity of sediment supply and retention of sediment in the coastal zone.

Natural biopolymers would be used to retain sediment in beach and dune systems. Coastal aquifer management would reduce saline intrusion, reduce coastal erosion, and improve water quality. Two other components are retrofitting dams to improve sediment supply and using dredged sediment in nature-based solutions, such as mangrove restoration and beach nourishment.

The December 2021 eBook highlights the short-listed proposals from a “Call for Innovation” issued by the West Africa Coastal Area (WACA) Management Program. Integral’s six-member consortium was placed as a shortlisted finalist in the competition hosted by the World Bank’s WACA program. Other members of the consortium are Resolute Marine Energy (U.S.), Samarcel (U.S.), SAFEC (Senegal), Dr. Oula Amrouni (Tunisia), and Medusa Explorations (Netherlands).

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For more information on Integral’s approaches to addressing coastal erosion, sea level rise and climate change hazards, please contact the director of Integral’s coastal resilience practice, Dr. David Revell, at, or contact Dr. Craig Jones at, or Dr. Patrick Friend, P.G., C.C.P. at