Gene Revelas
Senior Consultant
Gene Revelas's headshot

Mr. Gene Revelas, senior consultant at Integral, is a leading scientist on contaminated sediment and dredged material management issues. He is one of the few North American scientists with extensive experience in the use of sediment-profile image technology for characterizing dredged material disposal sites and benthic habitats and has applied this technology at freshwater, estuarine, and marine sites throughout the United States, Canada, and in Europe. His broad background managing complex contaminated sediment sites, combined with a focus on the interaction between benthic physical and biological processes, guides his sound, science-based environmental assessments and decision-making. Mr. Revelas is also conversant in the regulatory aspects of contaminated sediment, having once served as the manager of the Contaminated Sediments Section of the Washington State Department of Natural Resources. He has led CERCLA sediment site remedial investigations in large complex, urban/industrialized estuarine and river systems. He is currently working on the development of standardized benthic habitat mapping protocols for offshore renewable energy sites using state-of-the-art seafloor acoustic and imaging technologies.