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Mauri Fabio

Ms. Mauri Fabio is a scientist with several years of experience as a QA/QC analyst and technical report writer in the air quality industry and has a background in data governance as a data quality analyst across multiple businesses.  She has gained experience with the deformation monitoring group and in the petrology lab at USGS in Vancouver, Washington.  Ms. Fabio has also supported a SEDflume sediment erosion study and conducted historical research in support of an allocation project.

Sediment Investigation

USGS Petrology Laboratory, Vancouver, Washington Analyzed and processed various forms of volcanic samples for bulk and microbeam analysis. Responsibilities entailed preparing cross sections of hand specimens and manufacturing slide mounts for use in analysis by microscope and scanning electron microscopy (SEM) with energy-dispersive x-ray spectroscopy (EDS). This analytical work provided SEM/EDS images of phenocrysts, melt inclusions, and mineral composition/make-up of various samples that were utilized to prepare reports and presentations with a quantitative focus.

Geological Monitoring

Deformation Monitoring, Portland, Oregon Supported ongoing efforts of field reconnoitering of remote instrument sites with the USGS Cascade Volcanology Observatory. Participated in monitoring seismic activities and events along the Cascade region, overseeing existing remote instrument sites, and scouting out possible locales for future stations.

Data Quality Assurance

QA/QC Analysis/Technical Report Writing, West Coast Region Supported multiple projects in the West Coast region to ensure air quality requirements are being met at various companies and organizations. Responsibilities included consulting with state government officials about EPA method standards and requirements for state permits. Submitted detailed reports involving testing procedures, conditions, and results to government administrators and affiliated businesses. Duties also included analyzing raw data from the field and being vigilant of various project deadlines.
Data Governance, Beaverton, Oregon Aided in the continual demands of data quality and visual reporting tools for teammates and businesses across a corporation nationally and overseas. Operations included validating and constructing audits, dashboards, and reports through data analysis and reporting tools that were user friendly and function to improve quality of product creation. Also promoted operational quality of data by delivering desired reports and/or visualizations (via Tableau Software) of the behavior of data over a cadence or period of time.

Contaminated Sediments

Portland Harbor Superfund Site Allocation, Portland, Oregon Provided historical research in support of the allocation process for the Portland Harbor Superfund site.

Sediment Sampling

SEDflume Sediment Erosion Rate Study, Mid-Barataria Bay, Louisiana Analyzed sediment samples for engineering and design considerations at the Mid-Barataria Sediment Diversion Project. Samples were analyzed using SEDflume to determine erosion parameters including critical shear stress for erosion and erosion rates over a range of relevant shear stresses. Samples were collected from 0 to 100 ft below the mudline to help constrain numerical sediment erosion models used for the prediction of scour and sediment mobility.