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Samantha Dietz
Associate Scientist

Samantha Dietz

Associate Scientist

Ms. Samantha Dietz is an environmental scientist with 3 years of professional experience in the academic and private sectors. Her experience includes ecological research, fieldwork, and statistical analyses using R.

PFAS/Emerging Contaminants

PFAS Fish Consumption Advisory Regulatory Tracking, U.S. Reviews and compiles state fish consumption advisories (FCAs) as they pertain to per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) compounds and ensure Integral's interactive PFAS map "fish tissue" section reflects current FCAs.
Integral's Monthly PFAS Alerts, United States Assists with the preparation of Integral's monthly PFAS alerts by reviewing new PFAS literature and summarizing studies related to the fate, transport, and transformation of PFAS, and potential exposure pathways.
Regulatory Toxicology for PFAS, U.S. Critically reviews and provides technical comments on government regulations related to PFAS toxicology for various projects and clients. Support includes examining the scientific basis for proposed regulations and evaluating adherence to established guidance.

Litigation Support

Exposure Assessment Regarding PCBs, U.S. Assists with quality assurance of analyses regarding potential exposure to PCBs via inhalation of indoor air in support of the preparation of expert reports.
Multiple Contaminants in the Environment, U.S. Supported the preparation of a technical review of the literature on contaminants in fish and a derivation of formulas that allow accurate conversion of contaminant concentrations between fish tissue types.
Confidential Site, Ohio Led research task to identify and compile publicly available information related to key focus areas of a natural resource damage claim in northeast Ohio. Information summaries and analyses will be used to support an expert report.

Planning and Permitting

Effects of Proposed Desalination Plant on Estuarine Fish Populations, Texas Provided analytical support for a desalination plant permit application by tabulating sediment data and calculating hazard quotients protective of the benthic invertebrate community using published state and federal toxicity benchmarks.

Environmental Analytics

Analytics for Mesocosm Study, Confidential Location Supporting a team using AQUATOX© to model and analyze ecosystem-level effects of a specific herbicide in mesocosms. Analytical support includes data compilation and processing.
Mine Facilities Evaluation, Alaska Conduct statistical analysis to evaluate the spatial and temporal distribution of metals in various media surrounding mine facilities in the Alaskan Arctic.
Centredale Manor Restoration Project Superfund Site, Rhode Island Assisted with preparation of data visualizations and quality assurance of analyses for an ecological baseline predesign investigation to characterize constituents of concern in various media types.