R. Dreas Nielsen
Senior Science Advisor
R. Dreas Nielsen's headshot

Mr. Dreas Nielsen is a senior science advisor at Integral Consulting Inc., who specializes in quantitative analysis of environmental data. His scientific expertise is principally in the areas of sediment contamination, chemical bioaccumulation, biological effects of contaminants, and chemical transport and fate. His approach to scientific topics stresses analytical and quantitative methods, with an emphasis on computer applications. During his 36 years of experience, Mr. Nielsen has performed and managed the collection and analysis of biological, physical, chemical, and geographic data from sites throughout the United States. Potential impacts at these sites were associated with heavy manufacturing, petrochemical manufacturing, wood treatment, wood pulp and paper production, shipbuilding, mining, and smelting. Mr. Nielsen’s experience with these sites covers a broad range of contaminants, media, pathways, and exposures. Throughout this diverse range of conditions, he has collected, analyzed, modeled, and presented data to support ecological and human health risk assessments, RI/FSs, natural resource damage assessments, and cost allocation. Mr. Nielsen’s technical expertise includes data management, statistical analysis, integration of database and geographic information systems, mathematical modeling, programming, and other quantitative methods. Mr. Nielsen has designed and developed numerous databases customized to meet specialized needs of projects and clients and has developed project-specific web pages, including GIS-based interfaces, to facilitate broad and straightforward access to project data and analyses.