Peter W. Zimmermann
Peter W. Zimmermann's headshot

Mr. Peter Zimmermann has more than 25 years of experience in the fields of hazardous waste management, environmental due diligence, hydrogeology, constituent fate and transport, conceptual remedy design, and remedial construction. He has applied this experience on site remediation assignments, single- and multiple-property real estate due diligence assessments, site restoration projects, and expert witness and litigation support work. A significant number of these projects have involved development of technical foundations for liability and cost allocation agreements and related support for associated negotiations and settlements. The work has been done within a variety of regulatory frameworks, including CERCLA, RCRA, TSCA, and multiple state programs.

Mr. Zimmermann has provided consulting services to the regulated community since 1983, specializing in addressing environmental issues affecting land use, real estate management, and private-sector liability/cost allocation nationwide. He has supplied these services at sites with residential, commercial, light industry, and heavy industry land use in 19 states and 3 countries. This work has included more than 25 different industry types associated with a wide range of raw materials, processes, waste products, waste management systems, internal risk management systems, and disclosure conditions.