Heather M. Summers
Heather M. Summers's headshot

Ms. Heather Summers is a toxicologist and risk assessor with technical leadership experience in ecological and human health risk assessment, specializing in bioaccumulation and toxicity of metals and PCBs.  She has conducted aquatic and terrestrial ecological risk assessments involving complex ecosystems with multiple receptors, stressors, and assessment endpoints.  Ms. Summers is experienced with the unique characteristics of systems characterized by ubiquitous metals contamination.  She has led toxicity, bioavailability, and trophic transfer modeling evaluations of highly bioaccumulative metals such as mercury and selenium for the purpose of assessing risks to ecological endpoints in aquatic and terrestrial habitats.  Ms. Summers has advised clients on developing site-specific toxicity criteria for the purposes of supporting natural resource damage assessments (NRDAs) and risk assessments at CERCLA sites.  She has experience with classical and Bayesian statistics, parametric and nonparametric statistical analysis, and probabilistic modeling.

Ms. Summers has managed numerous field programs to support RI/FS biomonitoring.  She has extensive field experience in water, sediment, and biota sampling techniques for freshwater and marine systems.  In addition, she has more than 12 years of experience in environmental analytical chemistry instrumentation and detection methods for trace metals, volatile organic and semivolatile organic compounds, and nutrients.