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Adam Pomeroy
Associate Scientist

Adam Pomeroy

Associate Scientist

Mr. Adam Pomeroy is an associate scientist who is experienced in soil, sediment, groundwater, and seepage sample collection. His experience in the field includes management of thousands of samples across various media using the Scribe program. He is also experienced in the use of Logplot8 software to digitize soil borings, subsurface sediment borings, and groundwater well logs. Mr. Pomeroy is able to synthesize field and analytical data into cohesive sections of summary and evaluation reports.

Site Assessment

Pre-design Investigation at a Steel Mill, Portland, Oregon Assisted in sediment, soil, and groundwater sampling for chemical and toxicology analysis. Responsible for sample collection, processing, tracking, labeling, and coordination with the analytical laboratory for sample shipment.
Remediation Investigation at a Former Chemical Manufacturing Facility, Portland, Oregon Assisted in soil sampling using the hollow stem hand auger drilling method. Assisted with sediment sampling using both vibracoring and sonic coring methods. Responsible for the collection of the samples, assisting with sample processing, and in-field quality assurance of the chain of custody.

GIS Design

Former Rail Yard, Portland, Oregon Provided APGIS support and map production for allocation project. Maps included historical surface chemistry, surrounding functional facilities, and key land features for several subareas of the site.

Contaminated Sediments

Portland Harbor Superfund Site Allocation, Portland, Oregon Provided historical research to support the allocation process for the Portland Harbor Superfund site. Research focused on contaminated dredge and fill placement throughout the Portland Harbor and surrounding area.