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Latest Edition of Integral’s Sediment Newsletter: The Benthic Zone

By Carolyn Huynh, Senior Scientist
Adam Pomeroy, Associate Scientist
Patrick O. Gwinn, Principal, Technical Director, Toxicology, Health, and Ecological Sciences
Charles Shaw, Scientist

Cleanup and protection of waterways is facing ever-expanding challenges—from emerging contaminants to the assessment of conditions in real time, to untangling complex histories.

The Benthic Zone newsletter is the place where Integral scientists and engineers share their expertise, running the gamut of topics related to investigation, forensic evaluation, modeling, and remediation of contaminated sediment. Take a look under the water with us. 

The latest edition of The Benthic Zone features two articles from Integral technical staff. Carolyn Huynh and Adam Pomeroy explore the application of a customized version of EPA’s Scribe software in their coauthored piece, “Using EPA’s Scribe to Streamline Data Collection.” Using Scribe allowed Integral to collect identification information on more than 7,000 river sediment samples, saving time and reducing the margin of error as compared with traditional manual collection methods.  

Following EPA’s PFAS Roadmap to Human Health Ambient Water Quality Criteria,” the second article in this edition of The Benthic Zone, is coauthored by Patrick Gwinn and Charles Shaw. Outlining the October 2021 PFAS Strategic Roadmap, our technical team explores how future changes could lead to the development of freshwater human health aquatic life ambient water quality criteria for PFOA and PFOS in the very low parts per quadrillion range. Such changes could have implications for permitted dischargers and their upstream inputs, fish consumption advisories or 303(d) listing of waters, and CERCLA or state sediment remediation.  

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The Benthic Zone Newsletter