Amber M. Lutey
Project Scientist
Amber M. Lutey's headshot

Ms. Amber Lutey is a geologist with 5 years of experience in the consulting industry. Ms. Lutey’s responsibilities include preparing Phase I environmental site assessments in accordance with ASTM standards, and conducting preliminary assessments, site and remedial investigations, and remedial actions in accordance with a wide variety of state and federal regulations. These activities include conducting site inspections, researching site history, interpreting historical maps and aerial photographs, performing data analysis, and preparing technical reports (Phase I environmental site assessments, remedial investigations, and remedial actions). She also has experience gathering geotechnical information regarding bedrock and surficial geology for pipeline projects, including interpreting findings, such as karst conditions, rock type, and historical data, to determine if additional geophysical and geotechnical work is warranted. Ms. Lutey has served as a field lead for soil, surface water, stormwater, and groundwater investigations and has considerable experience contracting and managing subcontractors. In addition, she has prepared environmental site plan drawings for submission in technical reports using AutoCAD and ArcGIS software.