Jennifer Sampson
Jennifer Sampson's headshot

Ms. Jennifer Sampson designs and implements multidisciplinary technical investigations, working with clients to address contaminated sites under federal and state regulatory programs.  She is an aquatic ecologist and risk assessor with more than 25 years of experience investigating riparian, wetland, and estuarine ecosystems to quantify and describe ecological risks associated with hazardous substances and anthropogenic disturbance.  Ms. Sampson leads and manages teams that include chemists, toxicologists, geologists, hydrogeologists, engineers, statisticians, and data management specialists to prepare and conduct site studies that capture the information necessary for decision-making and cost-effective planning.  Ms. Sampson provides technical and strategic leadership on projects that include natural resource damage assessment (NRDA) and restoration planning, ecological and human health risk assessment, development and refinement of conceptual site models and focused study designs, sediment toxicity investigations, bioaccumulation modeling, development of soil and sediment remediation goals, and quantitative contaminant source evaluation.  Her projects have included ecological research and development of monitoring strategies for aquatic systems.  Ms. Sampson works in partnership with clients to navigate interrelated technical and strategic aspects of environmental assessment and risk management.