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Ward Cove Investigation and Remediation

The Ward Cove sediment remediation project addressed historical releases from a dissolving sulfite pulp mill to adjacent Ward Cove. Historical pulp mill releases consisted largely of partially degraded wood debris, organic matter, and organic matter degradation products, with low levels of dioxin. Based on the results of a realistic risk assessment, an innovative remedy for the area was developed. This remedy consisted of thin capping/sediment amendment (27 acres) and natural recovery (53 acres). The remedial action also included removal of approximately 680 tons of logs and wood waste.

Integral scientists conducted the RI/FS sediment assessment, participated in remedy development and selection, conducted regulatory negotiations, and assisted with public communication. Following remedy implementation, Integral staff continued to be involved in the monitoring program to evaluate progress toward achieving the remedial action objectives for the area of concern. In 2009, EPA concluded that the innovative sediment remedy was successful and that the remedial action objectives had been achieved

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