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Case Study

Miramontes Point Resort Properties

By David L. Revell, Ph.D., Principal, Coastal Climate Risk and Resilience


Half Moon Bay is home to a number of clifftop properties, including two golf courses, municipal assets and recreational trails, and the Ritz-Carlton Resort. Although the risk of flooding at elevations more than 60 feet above the ocean is extremely low, the acceleration of coastal cliff erosion from sea level rise remains a serious threat.


Integral Consulting is conducting a detailed vulnerability assessment and projecting future erosion hazard risk to the properties and amenities from sea level rise. In addition to the vulnerability assessment, our team is integrating an economics impact analysis from projected changes to the golf courses, resort uses, and other property amenities. A second phase of the project focuses on identifying feasible adaptation strategies and comparing the different adaptation strategies performance over time.


Integral’s comparative adaptation analysis highlights the similarities and differences at reducing property risk, economic impacts to the resort, and the city’s tax base. The analysis also provides recommendations on adaptation pathways to gradually implement over time while maximizing the suite of resort uses and minimizing the necessary costs. Learn More:

Key Contact

Dr. David Revell is a coastal geomorphologist with more than 25 years of experience studying marine, coastal, and estuarine processes,... Full bio

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