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Case Study

Support of Environmental Reserve Setting

By Jeffrey E. Marsh, P.E., Senior Consultant


Our client is a multinational corporation with a large environmental risk portfolio that includes dozens of potentially contaminated sites across the country. Integral has been trusted to evaluate many of these sites on a portfolio basis to assist the client in establishing environmental reserve funds. The complexity and variability of the sites and associated risks, a lack of site data, and a complex and variable regulatory environment intensifies this challenge 


Relying on our deep knowledge of cost evaluation and the regulatory, investigation, and remediation processes, we worked across the client’s organization to develop the detailed uncertainty management methods with probable costs and schedules for various sites while maintaining a tailored approach consistent with our client’s reserve-setting policies. We continue to update these evaluations as needed.  


The holistic evaluation of significant potential environmental liabilities is a critical service Integral provides. We deliver evaluations and related results to support high stakes internal conversations. In this project in particular, our project and portfolio cost and schedule analyses support cash flow forecasting and minimize business disruptions from unplanned expenditures and potential revenue disruptions. 

Key Contact

Mr. Jeffrey Marsh has 20 years of experience in the fields of chemical and environmental engineering. He is currently responsible... Full bio

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