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Case Study

Planning for Water Management in Mines

By R. Jeffrey Davis, P.E., CGWP, Principal, Water Resources


There are usually two types of problems involving water and mining: too much or not enough. Therefore, when planning a mining operation, it is also advisable to plan for water management.  The challenge in planning for water management when a mine is in exploration phase, is the lack of adequate data at the scale and frequency necessary to make informed decisions.


Integral’s scientists developed a robust and efficient monitoring program to evaluate baseline conditions.  We worked closely with mine geologists using state-of-the-art 3-dimensional geologic models to interpret data generated from the monitoring program and inform subsequent field programs designed to provide the greatest reduction in water management uncertainty at the lowest cost.


Our expertise with analytical and numerical models helped estimate mine dewatering demands and identify produced water management options.  By working collaboratively with our clients, we were able to leverage the strengths of both teams to build a dynamic water resources management plan, evaluate project risk, and reduce project uncertainty.

Key Contact

Mr. Jeff Davis is a licensed civil and environmental engineer, hydrogeologist, and certified groundwater professional with almost 30 years of... Full bio

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