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Case Study

Developing Former Manufactured Gas Plants in New York City

By Keith P. Brodock, P.E., P.P., Principal, Engineering


Pollution left behind by decades of gas manufacturing in the 1800s and 1900s severely complicated the prospects of developing large swaths of the New York City waterfront. Contaminants affected soil, groundwater, and soil vapor, and included coal tar, cyanide-filled purifier waste, heavy metals, and free-phase petroleum. Many of these materials additionally qualified as hazardous waste, which limited disposal facility options. Integral worked with clients to develop remediation plans that would contain and prevent contaminant migration.


Working closely with our real estate developers, we designed site-specific remedies, tailored to each client’s development plans, that allowed the foundation contractor to easily understand how the contamination was to be removed or stabilized in place. In certain instances, foundation elements were created specifically to enclose contamination while also supporting the building.


Our innovative designs and creative solutions allowed clients to successfully redevelop properties across multiple boroughs of New York City, bringing new residential, office, and industrial projects to the market. By integrating foundation elements with remediation, we were able to prevent contaminant migration while reducing development costs.

Key Contact

Mr. Keith Brodock is a licensed professional engineer and program manager with more than 15 years of experience in environmental... Full bio

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