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Stormwater Treatment System at a Sawmill

At an active sawmill in northern California, Integral designed and implemented a stormwater treatment system to meet the numeric action levels (NALs) in California’s General Permit for Stormwater Discharges Associated with Industrial Activities (General Permit). Treatment was required to reduce concentrations of chemical oxygen demand (COD).  Integral conducted a hydrologic analysis of the site to determine the design flow rate, in accordance with treatment standards in the General Permit.

Integral completed a feasibility evaluation and a bench-scale treatability test, selecting chemical flocculation followed by gravity settling as the appropriate treatment technology for this facility.   Integral produced the basis of design report, drainage report, permitting and construction plans and specifications, construction cost estimate, and construction schedule. We prepared all required applications and documentation for the construction permits and approvals, as well as the treatment system operation and maintenance manual. Integral engineers also provided contractor bid support and quality assurance/quality control oversight during construction. Following system startup, COD concentrations were significantly reduced, effectively meeting all permit-required NALs.

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