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Steel Mill Stormwater Source Control

Integral engineers are designing a source control measure (SCM) to mitigate discharge of PCBs and metals in stormwater runoff at a 145-acre active steel mill located on the lower Willamette River in Portland, Oregon. We designed a stormwater pump retrofit for the existing system to minimize sediment resuspension, performed a stormwater SCM alternatives analysis to identify treatment alternatives, developed a basis of design to identify permanent system performance requirements, and completed a pilot study to evaluate chemical-enhanced filtration treatment effectiveness.  We are designing system improvements that include a pretreatment/settling basin to minimize sediment resuspension during large storm events, and a large-scale chemical-enhanced sand filtration system that will nearly eliminate sediment discharge to the river.  The benefits of this project will include meeting regulatory requirements, protecting against post-Superfund cleanup sediment recontamination, and improving operation and maintenance sediment management efficiency.

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