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Hydrogeologic Evaluation for Open Pit Quarry

Integral conducted a hydrogeologic investigation for a large aggregate company as part of the permitting process for a proposed open-pit gravel quarry. The quarry is located within a complex, fractured bedrock aquifer system and may require dewatering operations. Integral prepared a comprehensive groundwater model incorporating the complex hydrogeologic features of the site to assess quarry dewatering requirements and to predict the influence of dewatering on regional water resources. The model was also used to support reclamation planning by providing an understanding of the future, post-mine condition of the quarry.

As part of this effort, a geographic information system was used to integrate site hydrogeologic data with the mine development plan and to develop a 3-dimensional depiction of the site for use in the groundwater model. Groundwater and rock chemical data were integrated with predicted groundwater conditions to forecast water quality during mining and following reclamation.

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