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Federal Base Realignment and Closure Program Management Improvement

Integral is developing a program management plan for a Base Realignment and Closure site in New Mexico to standardize project management practices and performance data across the program.  Our services will incorporate best practices for and streamline management of environmental remediation work at the 15,000-acre site, which has an aggressive completion deadline of 2020.  The site is divided into 24 parcels, all with different cleanup activities and schedules.  Integral evaluated current practices via a series of investigations and interviews and determined where best practices could be implemented to achieve program goals.  Subsequently, Integral developed a set of processes, templates, and guidance documents to improve and standardize management at the site, making it possible to evaluate the program as a whole.  In addition to increasing performance visibility, the standardized approach will improve communication between team members, reducing the likelihood of delays or overlooked scope, and improving the team’s overall performance.  All of the site procedures and newly implemented best practices will be included in the comprehensive program management plan being developed by Integral.

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