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Expert Witness Testimony, Air Modeling, and Chemical Fingerprinting Analyses for a Cement Manufacturing Company

Integral scientists prepared an expert report and provided expert witness testimony in a U.S. District Court bench trial on the relative source contributions of limestone quarry and/or cement kiln dust to a neighboring property owner’s house. Integral conducted a metals fingerprinting analysis, comparing the content of the cement kiln dust and limestone quarry dust with samples of house dust and ambient air sampling data. Integral also conducted a principal components analysis that clearly differentiated the contents of the house dust samples from samples of limestone dust and cement kiln dust. In addition, Integral conducted air dispersion and particle deposition modeling to estimate the distance over which different sized particles generated from a limestone crushing operation would be transported. Finally, in preparation for trial, Integral prepared an expert report detailing the analyses conducted and the opinions reached from those analyses. Integral also provided consultation on the preparation of trial exhibits.

Through fingerprinting and principal components analyses, Integral demonstrated that the metals content of the house dust and ambient air samples were significantly different and likely originated from different sources.

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