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The Benthic Zone (January 2024 Edition): Integral’s Sediment Newsletter

By Nathan Rebuck, Ph.D., Senior Scientist
Daniel Doolittle, Principal, Offshore Wind
Craig A. Jones, Ph.D., Managing Principal, Business Director, Marine, Coastal, Climate, and Technology Services
Diane Achman, Senior Scientist
Olivia Hargrave, P.E., Project Engineer

The Benthic Zone newsletter is the place where Integral scientists and engineers share their expertise, running the gamut of topics related to investigation, forensic evaluation, modeling, and remediation of contaminated sediment. Take a look under the water with us. 

The latest edition of The Benthic Zone features two articles from Integral technical staff. Nathan Rebuck, Ph.D., Daniel Doolittle, Craig Jones, Ph.D., and Diane Achman explore the evolving field of floating offshore wind energy with a particular focus on seafloor challenges in their piece, “Floating Offshore Wind: Overcoming Seafloor Challenges.” The article highlights advanced techniques like multispectral multibeam mapping and SPI–PV imagery, which help create detailed seafloor maps, identify potential hazards, locate sensitive habitats, and minimize environmental risks in the development of offshore wind farms.

Dredged Material Management Sampling: Considerations for Maintenance Dredging at a Yacht Club on the Lower Duwamish Waterway,” the second article in this edition of The Benthic Zone, is authored by Olivia Hargrave, P.E. This article discusses the complexities and considerations involved in managing dredged material through the context of a yacht club maintenance project on the Lower Duwamish Waterway. Learn about a cost-effective and environmentally sensitive process of handling dredged material, from characterization to engagement with regulatory agencies and biological testing.

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