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Navigating California’s Unique Legal, Permitting, and Environmental Risks for Offshore Wind

By Grace Chang, Ph.D., Technical Director

OSW Webinar

The market for renewable power is primed for an incredibly exciting BOEM lease auction this fall for offshore wind development off of California’s coast, likely attracting attention from developers and stakeholders across the world.
Bringing floating wind to commercial scale in California will require innovation in technology, development of supply chains and local workforce, and expansion of port and intermodal transportation systems, that can create wide economic benefits across the state.
Successful development will also involve navigating regulatory, transmission and interconnection, environmental, and stakeholder hurdles that are unique to California’s political, legal, and regulatory systems.

This Webinar took place August 5th, 2022.


Grace Chang, Ph.D.—Integral Consulting Inc.

Brian Cragg—Downey Brand LLP

Sharon Kramer, Ph.D.—H. T. Harvey & Associates

Christian Marsh—Downey Brand LLP

Megan Somogyi—Downey Brand LLP

Ian Voparil, Ph.D.—Integral Consulting Inc.

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Dr. Grace Chang has more than 25 years of experience in the fields of limnology and oceanography. Dr. Chang has... Full bio