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Addressing Vapor Intrusion: Webinar

By Susan B. Welt, MPH, P.E., Principal, Engineering
Keith P. Brodock, P.E., P.P., Principal, Engineering
James L’Esperance, P.E., Consultant

Addressing Vapor Intrusion: Using a Strategic Risk-Management and Innovative Engineering Approach

A strategic remedy to address the potential for vapor intrusion to impact a building should be developed with an understanding of the stakeholders’ intent for the building and property, current and future risk, and managing short-and long-term liabilities. Integral’s diverse team of technical experts help our engineers develop an appropriate remedy – whether it be an interim remedial measure with long-term OMM or source removal – that meets the client’s and stakeholders’ current and future intent. Session Overview: In this hour-long discussion, Integral Consulting Inc.’s Keith Brodock, P.E., P.P.; Susan Welt, MPH, P.E.; and James L’Esperance, P.E., will use case studies to examine key considerations for designing and maintaining vapor intrusion remedies. The discussion will include:

– How to reduce risk and cost by focusing on the source area

– When to consider interim remedial actions versus long term remedies

– How to use operational data to modify and optimize existing remedial systems.


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