Tiers for Fears: Applying Fit-for-Purpose Risk Assessment in Environmental Stewardship
September 5, 2019

Dr. Paul DeLeo, right, discusses risk methodologies with Integral colleagues Mala Pattanayek, left, and Jennifer Sampson, center.

Being a good environmental steward involves understanding the environmental hazards of products or materials and reducing potential risk to humans and wildlife.  But how do you refine understanding and predict the risk?  Is there a tiered risk methodology?

Integral Principal Paul DeLeo, Ph.D., will copresent in a deep dive session on environmental stewardship of products at the Product Stewardship 2019 conference. His colleague, Integral Scientist Christina Ross, will also attend the conference. Held in Columbus, Ohio, on September 10-12, 2019, the conference features sessions on the responsible design, development, and management of products throughout their life cycles.

In the session “Tiers for Fears: Applying Fit-for-Purpose Risk Assessment in Environmental Stewardhip,” Dr. DeLeo will discuss the tiered risk assessment methodology as it applies to environmental hazards and exposures. He will also present methods and models used to refine understanding of potential risk, including screening and higher-tier exposure and fate models used to predict environmental concentrations.

A strategic and visionary thinker, Dr. DeLeo has more than 20 years of experience in applied research and regulatory and public outreach related to the human and environmental safety of food ingredients, pesticides, pharmaceutical and personal care products, and cleaning products.

Ms. Ross has investigated the health effects of exposure to a variety of chemicals, consumer products, food ingredients and additives, metals, and medical devices, and characterized the risks associated with those exposures.

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For more information on Integral’s services in product stewardship, contact Dr. DeLeo at pdeleo@integral-corp.com