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Ryan Brain, CMC
Chief Executive Officer

Ryan Brain, CMC

Chief Executive Officer (720) 465-3331 Boulder, CO

Mr. Ryan Brain is a dynamic and transformational leader with a particular focus on people and purpose-driven organizations. As the CEO of Integral, Mr. Brain leads a team of high-end consultants and support staff to deliver exceptional client outcomes, employee success, community engagement, and company growth. Mr. Brain has spent his entire career in professional services as a client advocate and team leader.

In September 2022, Mr. Brain assumed the position upon Imperial Capital’s investment in Integral Consulting Inc. Prior, he was President and CEO of WSP Canada. He joined WSP in 2019 after 20+ years at Deloitte.

Mr. Brain is passionate about community engagement, and serves on the Board of the YMCA of Greater Toronto (and rolled off as Chair in September 2021).

Professional Services Management

CEO Partner, Imperial Capital Worked with Imperial Capital on an environmental consulting investment thesis and business plan, focused on the U.S. market. Work included analyzing the U.S. market for specific growth opportunities, including service type, target region, acquisition candidates and other growth vehicles. The mandate eventually led to the investment in Integral Consulting.
President and CEO, WSP Canada Member of the Global Executive. Responsible for 8,000+ people and more than $1 billion in revenue. Implemented a number of talent and ESG strategies, client programs, and other efforts aimed at growth, innovation, and employee experience.
Managing Partner, Toronto, Deloitte Canada Member of the Canadian firm’s executive team. Responsible for all client and market efforts in Toronto, including driving a priority account program, and leading all brand and go-to-market efforts across the city—Toronto revenues exceeded $1 billion. Led Deloitte’s largest workplace transformation, resulting in all Toronto-based partners and staff relocating to a single office, and fundamentally changing the way the firm works and collaborates with one another and clients. Initiated and implemented several cross-firm learning and growth, and diversity and inclusion priorities and programs. Drove various other market programs aimed at stakeholder groups such as board of directors, alumni, and other senior market influencers.
Regional Service Leader, Toronto Financial Advisory, Deloitte Canada P&L responsibility for the Toronto Financial Advisory practice, the service lines of which include mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance, restructuring, forensic and dispute, valuations, real estate, analytics, and infrastructure advisory. Led various market and talent efforts. Achieved overall double-digit revenue growth, and even greater partner earnings growth during tenure.
Deputy to the Managing Partner and Chief Executive, Deloitte Canada Served alongside the managing partner and chief executive during his final 2 years in the role. Member of the Canadian firm’s executive team. Assisted and directly drove a number of strategic initiatives including a new partner compensation model, partner retirement allowance model, firm mergers and acquisitions, communications, and other firm programs and priorities. The role also extended globally, as the chief executive assumed various global responsibilities in the areas of strategy, quality and regulation, communications, and member firm collaboration.