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Larry F. Marx
Senior Corporate Advisor & Board Member

Larry F. Marx

Senior Corporate Advisor & Board Member (206) 957-0337 Seattle, WA

Mr. Larry Marx is an environmental scientist and corporate development specialist with more than 30 years of experience in professional consulting services, both in business development and technical support to corporate clients, law firms, and government agencies. He started his career providing scientific consulting services while on the research staff at the University of Southern California. He expanded his professional and business development experience from 1978 to 1981 at Rockwell International, after which he moved on to Tetra Tech, Inc., an international engineering and consulting firm, in project management and business development/marketing roles.

In 1987, Mr. Marx and four others founded PTI Environmental Services (PTI). From shortly after the firm’s inception, he was responsible for business development and marketing. In 10 years, the firm grew to $15 million in revenue, providing scientific consulting services from seven locations. The firm’s primary clients were law firms and Fortune 500 companies. In 1997, PTI was acquired by The Failure Group, Inc. (now Exponent, Inc.). From 1997 to 2009, Mr. Marx assumed several roles for Exponent, including Director of Sales, Director of Business Development, and finally Director of Corporate Development. In August 2009, Mr. Marx joined Integral Consulting Inc. as Vice President of Corporate Development. Mr. Marx has been involved in international environmental disputes and hazardous waste management projects since the early 1980s.

Mr. Marx is the chairman of the Board of Directors of Integral Consulting Inc. and a past member of the Board of Directors of Global Decisions, Inc. and Friends of the San Juans (nonprofit).

Corporate Support

Exponent, Inc., Menlo Park, California Responsible for corporate development including mergers and acquisitions and strategic hires. Public company traded on NASDAQ.
PTI Environmental Services, Bellevue, Washington Responsible for corporate business development and marketing activities at a national environmental consulting firm from 1987 to 1997. Assisted in the establishment of the company’s regional offices and recruiting programs. The company grew from 7 to more than 150 staff.
Tetra Tech, Inc., Bellevue, Washington Directed northwest marketing activities at a national consulting company from 1981 to 1987. Helped expand the company’s services into hazardous waste management, and assisted in the establishment of a network of nationwide offices providing technical and emergency response services for chemicals and oil spill incidents.

Remedial Design

Remedial Investigation, Commencement Bay, Tacoma, Washington Coordinated a 2-year, $2.1 million multimedia remedial investigation of Commencement Bay, Washington. Responsible for day-to-day operation, agency coordination, Superfund policy compliance, and technical oversight of all field investigations.

Program Management

Technical Assistance Teams for Emergency Response, Nationwide Participated as a member of the Red Team for the EPA Technical Assistance Team program, which was a standby corporate team of trained scientists and engineers capable of responding to emergency hazardous material incidents.
Corporate Health and Safety Officer, Nationwide Responsible for developing and implementing a corporate health and safety program, including manual development, training programs, medical monitoring, and database tracking. Served as technical reviewer for more than 35 site health and safety plans.
Insoluble Sinking Chemical Detection Project Project engineer and co-inventor of a pollutant mapping technique using underwater high-frequency acoustics to locate insoluble sinking pollutants and minimize their environmental impact. A U.S. patent was awarded.
Edison National Historic Site, West Orange, New Jersey Project engineer in the intensive hazardous material identification, site evaluation, and disposal program at the Edison National Historic Site. Work included an inventory of more than 33,000 chemicals. Removed some 16,000 chemicals. Also conducted geophysical survey to detect disposal trench and oversaw its remediation.
RCRA Investigations, Alaska Performed quality assurance and technical review of 45 preliminary assessments and 2 site investigations in Alaska.
SPCC Plans for Solvents, Nationwide Developed spill control and countermeasure plans for six chemicals for the American Petroleum Institute.
OTEC Program, Hawaii Researched and developed onsite biological and chemical laboratories for Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion Program.
Acoustic Mapping Program, Pacific Ocean Investigated the deep scattering layer in the oceans using bioacoustical technology. Funded by National Science Foundation and Office of Naval Research.
Oceanographic Investigations, Pacific Ocean Coordinated research cruises for more than 15 scientific expeditions along the Pacific coast from British Columbia to the equator.