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Geordee Spilkia
Associate Scientist

Geordee Spilkia

Associate Scientist (503) 943-3618 portland, OR

Ms. Geordee Spilkia is an associate scientist with several years of experience as a chemical analyst and field service agent in the wastewater consulting industry.  She also has experience managing and analyzing scientific data and collaborated with the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency to observe trends in historical wastewater compliance data.

Waste Management

Environmental Compliance of Wastewater Treatment Facilities, Duluth, Minnesota In partnership with the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, utilized the public wastewater water quality database to evaluate historical compliance among different treatment technologies in St. Louis County, Minnesota.
Mercury Partitioning and Transport, Duluth, Minnesota Investigated the relationships between mercury, organic carbon, and elemental composition to understand the mechanisms involved in mercury partitioning and transport within wastewater treatment systems.
Wastewater Analysis, Southeastern U.S. Collected wastewater samples from wastewater facilities and conducted wet chemical analysis to generate a water quality report.
Biological System Assessments, Louisiana Generated biological system health assessments through field visits, sample collection, and sample analysis, as well as through review of current processes, in order to provide operational recommendations to enhance wastewater treatment system performance.