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Benjamin G. Petri, Ph.D.

Benjamin G. Petri, Ph.D.

Consultant (303) 715-8211 Denver Metro

Dr. Benjamin Petri is an environmental engineer with 17 years of experience in the environmental litigation and remediation fields serving a range of clients. Much of Dr. Petri’s career has focused on analyzing the fate and transport of contaminants in complex environmental systems and determining the implications for clients. He has developed conceptual site models, and designed and conducted multiple field, laboratory, and modeling investigations. He specializes in the analysis of chlorinated solvents and other volatile organic compounds in groundwater systems, including dense, nonaqueous-phase liquids (DNAPLs), as well as the evaluation of alternatives for their remediation and the assessment of the vapor intrusion pathway. Dr. Petri is particularly experienced in working with in situ chemical oxidation (ISCO) technologies.

Dr. Petri is also experienced in environmental litigation, having provided support for cost allocation, environmental forensics, cost estimation, and historical facility review. He has collaborated with a variety of colleagues across disciplines in industry, academia, and consulting. In addition, Dr. Petri has authored numerous articles, book chapters, conferences presentations and short courses, and has served as a peer reviewer for multiple refereed journals.


Remedial Design, Sediment Cleanup Site, Portland, Oregon Assisted preparation of a basis of design report for a sediment cleanup project, with emphasis on remedial standards, applicable or relevant and appropriate requirements (ARARs), contaminant delineation and monitoring requirements. Advised on key technical issues such as delineation of nonaqueous-phase liquid (NAPL) and other chemicals of concern.
Former Landfill Site, Minnesota Evaluated the fate and transport and natural attenuation of metals in groundwater from a closed landfill using a groundwater model in support of a 5-year review.
Copper and Gold Mine, Alaska Supported annual environmental reporting for an active copper and gold prospect. Responsibilities included data import supervision, review and analysis, and annual report preparation.
Dry Cleaner Site, Napa, California Assessed the viability of in situ chemical oxidation as a remedial technology for a tetrachloroethene release at a dry cleaner facility.
Lithium Mine, South America Supported geological studies and resource assessment at a brine extraction and lithium processing facility. Assisted with preparation of work plans and a sampling and analysis plan to support well installation and brine reservoir characterization. Compiled data to support the development of a model to be used to assess the lithium resource. Provided GIS mapping support.
Industrial Site, Minneapolis, Minnesota Reviewed the technical feasibility of ISCO as a possible follow-on remedy at a railyard with comingled plumes of petroleum hydrocarbons and chlorinated solvents. Evaluated soil data for remedy effectiveness and designed a confirmation sampling plan in anticipation of site closure.
San Jacinto River Waste Pits, Harris County, Texas Assisted collection of environmental media to assess dioxin contamination from upland and overwater areas of this former paper mill waste disposal site. Media collected included soil borings, fish tissue, surface sediment, and high-volume surface water samples. Assisted with preparation of the related field sampling reports.
Lithium Manufacturing Facility, North Carolina Provided engineering support for a facility experiencing soil heave related to infiltration of caustic materials in a manufacturing area. Tasks included analysis of structural monitoring survey data, review of historical data, development of risk management and mitigation strategies, and performance of a feasibility study evaluating remedial alternatives. Facilitated preparation of work plans and standard operating procedures for data collection and subsurface site characterization.
Dry Cleaner Site, New York, New York Assessed chemical fate and transport of a chlorinated solvent plume undergoing biodegradation. Tasks involved determination of aquifer hydraulic properties from aquifer testing, estimation of biodegradation rates, and estimation of the rate and extent of downgradient transport.
Lower Passaic River Remedial Investigation and Feasibility Study, New Jersey Provided project support for a CERCLA feasibility study for this multiparty Superfund sediment site. Performed calculations and conducted quality assurance and quality control on dredge volume calculations.
Contaminant Transport Modeling at a Sediment Site, Oregon Supported development of an updated contaminant transport model to evaluate the potential for natural recovery. Identified data needs within the model for assessment of natural recovery.
Humidity Cell Testing at a Mining Site, Nevada Assisted with humidity cell testing and conducted research into net acid generation testing methods for a mine undergoing the permitting process. Through a laboratory study, researched the effect of carbonate minerals on chemical oxidation and the efficacy of the net acid generation test.

Environmental Monitoring

Former Pulp Mill, Montana Served as a client representative to observe fish tissue sample preparation and processing in an EPA laboratory to ensure quality analysis.

Litigation Support

Cost Allocation Process for a Sediment Cleanup Site, Confidential Location Led development and authored multiple expert reports that evaluated contaminant mass loading from current and historical industrial facilities. Evaluation particularly emphasized sources affiliated with agricultural chemical supply facilities, high temperature industrial operations, and electrical equipment repair and maintenance facilities. Coordinated reports and positions with other outside experts and counsel. Reviewed and prepared rebuttals of opposing expert reports. Advised counsel and project team on technical issues of strategic importance. Ongoing matter.
Cost Allocation Process for a Sediment Cleanup Site, Confidential Location Evaluated contaminant mass loading from multiple facilities, including paper mills, stormwater and combined sewer systems, wastewater treatment facilities, electrical utilities, and other industrial operations. Contributed to expert report preparation and coordination with counsel.
Cost Recovery Litigation Regarding a Chlorinated Solvent Plume, New Mexico Supported rebuttal and supplemental expert report preparation in a cost recovery matter. Role included review and evaluation of co-located MTBE sources, as well as conceptual site model review and development.
Petroleum Release Litigation Support, New York City, New York Evaluated transport of a Number 6 fuel oil spill using a multiphase flow and transport model to inform release magnitude and timing for a litigation matter.
Industrial Site on the Lower Duwamish Waterway, Washington, Confidential Client Provided technical support for an industrial client in a cost allocation process. Conducted historical operations research, environmental data analysis, GIS mapping support, remedy design and cost review, chemical fate and transport evaluations, report preparation, natural resource damages estimation and support, restoration project scoping, and expert witness support at the request of the client. Ongoing matter.
Industrial Site, Missouri, Confidential Client Provided technical support to an expert witness for an industrial client in an allocation process. The work involved conducting a forensic analysis of a solvent release by estimating the age of a source zone through data analysis and modeling. Managed a field data collection effort that gathered soil and aquifer test data to support the modeling analysis. Reviewed and critiqued opposing expert opinions in preparation for trial. Ongoing matter.
Confidential Gas Station Site, New York Conducted forensic transport calculations and data analysis to determine the date of a methyl tert-butyl ether release. The work was performed in support of an expert witness for an insurance cost recovery case. The case went to trial and the verdict was found in favor of the client.
Perfluoroalkyl Site, Confidential Location As part of a natural resource damage lawsuit, investigated sources and assessed impacts to groundwater by a number of perfluoroalkyl substances including PFOS and PFOA.
Confidential Client involved in Litigation at Multiple Locations, United States Provided data loading support for the development of a database supporting litigation in multiple geographic locations. Tasks included data review and research to ensure quality upload of environmental data.
Active and Former Rocket Launch Facilities, California and Florida, Confidential Client Researched the administrative record for multiple defense sites and assisted an expert witness in preparing expert reports and a counter-allocation in support of a cost recovery action. Researched historical military and industrial operations, analyzed environmental data, critiqued the cost allocation model, presented findings to the client, and contributed to report writing. Ongoing matter.
Confidential Gas Station Site, New Jersey, Confidential Client Provided technical support to an expert witness for an insurance cost recovery case. Reviewed historical site operations, records, and environmental data. Case resolved in a settlement.
CERCLA PCB Site, Michigan Provided investigative and analytical support for an expert witness as part of a cost contribution litigation process for a river system with multiple sources of PCBs from multiple paper mills. Researched historical industrial operations, analyzed environmental data, modeled important environmental processes, critiqued opposing expert reports, prepared trial exhibits, and supported deposition and trial activities. Ongoing matter.
Litigation Support for an Industrial Site, Rhode Island Supported trial preparation by drafting figures based on site data, for use in courtroom exhibits.


Laboratory Research and Modeling Evaluation of Vapor Intrusion from NAPL Sources and Groundwater Plumes, Colorado School of Mines, Golden, Colorado Conducted laboratory experiments for a project that focused on developing a more complete understanding of the vapor intrusion pathway, with particular emphasis on spatial and temporal dynamics. Developed numerical models to evaluate temporal vapor dynamics in response to rain and water table fluctuation events. Contributed extensively to project reporting and final debriefing. Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program (SERDP) Grant ER-1687.
In Situ Chemical Oxidation for Groundwater Remediation, Colorado School of Mines, Golden, Colorado Reviewed state-of-the-science and best practices for the development of new tools, protocols, and guidance to support implementation of ISCO for groundwater remediation. Assisted with the development of a protocol and tools to support ISCO technology selection and implementation, and with publication of a book documenting the findings from this project. Environmental Security Technology Certification Program (ESTCP) Grant ER-0623.
Reaction and Transport Processes Controlling In Situ Chemical Oxidation of DNAPLs, Colorado School of Mines, Golden, Colorado Conducted laboratory research for master’s thesis project. The objective of the project was to evaluate the efficacy of treating DNAPL sources with ISCO technologies. The research focused on mass transfer from DNAPL source zones undergoing oxidation using permanganate. Assisted with preparing the final report and project debriefing. The project team won the SERDP Project of the Year Award in 2005. SERDP Grant ER-1290.