On Fatty Alcohols in the Environment: Paul DeLeo Coauthors Second Edition
December 7, 2018

Healthcare creme production in laboratory.Fatty alcohols, compounds derived from petroleum or natural plant and animal oils, are used extensively in the production of ingredients for cleaning products such as detergents and surfactants.  They are also found in cosmetics, foods, and industrial solvents.  In an expanded text titled Fatty Alcohols: Anthropogenic and Natural Occurrence in the Environment, Integral Principal Paul DeLeo, Ph.D., and coauthors Stephen Mudge, Ph.D., and Scott Belanger, Ph.D., explain the chemical properties of fatty alcohols, detail their production and formulation into commercial and consumer products, and delve into the human and environmental safety of their uses, which may result in considerable “down-the-drain” disposal.

This second edition fills in data gaps and incorporates current findings resulting from changes in the production and formulation of commercial products that contain fatty alcohols.  The new information provides the reader with a comprehensive set of current data and thorough knowledge gathered over the past decade of research.

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Dr. DeLeo has decades of experience with applied research and regulatory and public outreach related to the human and environmental safety of food ingredients, pesticides, pharmaceutical and personal care products, and cleaning products.  He currently leads Integral’s product stewardship practice.  Prior to joining Integral, Dr. DeLeo held key positions with the American Cleaning Institute for 10 years and with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for 8 years.

For more information about this publication and Integral’s related capabilities, contact Dr. DeLeo at pdeleo@integral-corp.com.