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Offshore Energy: Integral Presents on Innovative Ocean and Seafloor Mapping at OTC

Craig Jones, Ph.D., and Gene Revelas of Integral Consulting Inc. (Integral) will describe new research and innovative techniques for site characterization and environmental assessment at the 2018 Offshore Technology Conference (OTC). Held April 30–May 1, 2018, in Houston, Texas, OTC is where energy professionals meet to exchange ideas to advance scientific and technical knowledge for offshore resources and environmental matters.

During a May 2 technical session, Dr. Jones will present “Offshore Wind Sediment Stability Evaluation Framework,” a paper describing new research for better characterization of the offshore environment.  In his presentation, Dr. Jones will discuss a methodology for mapping seabed scour potential and research that will help provide developers with valuable planning, design, and evaluation tools for the siting and development of offshore wind power arrays. Research results illustrate how the overall regional patterns of currents and waves influence local scour near pilings and cables.

MappingGene Revelas will present “Mapping Benthic Habitat Conditions and Seafloor Deposits Using Sediment Profile Imaging and a Semiautomated Image Processing System” during a May 1 session.  Sediment profile imaging (SPI) technology is effective for mapping drill cuttings or muds released around wellheads during exploration or production and documenting their ecological impacts.  Integral has developed semiautomated image analysis algorithms that allow imaged features to be measured and quantified in a streamlined and standardized fashion (see image above).

Tuesday, May 1, 9:30 a.m.–9:52 a.m., Poster Lounge I
Presenter: Gene Revelas
Mapping Benthic Habitat Conditions and Seafloor Deposits Using Sediment Profile Imaging and a Semiautomated Image Processing System
E. Revelas, B. Sackmann, A. Thurlow, C. Jones, Integral Consulting Inc.

Wednesday, May 2, 2:44 p.m.–3:06 p.m., Advances in Offshore Wind Energy Session

Presenter: Craig Jones
Offshore Wind Sediment Stability Evaluation Framework
C. Jones, Integral Consulting Inc.; S. McWilliams, Integral Consulting Inc.; G. Englemann, Excipio Energy; A. Thurlow; J. Roberts, Sandia National Laboratories

Integral provides site characterization and consulting services to offshore energy clients worldwide.  For more information, contact Craig Jones at or Gene Revelas at