Integral Staff to Present and Exhibit at Battelle Sediments Conference
February 6, 2019

Sunset causewayIntegral engineers and scientists will teach two short courses and deliver 13 platform and poster presentations during Battelle’s Tenth International Conference on the Remediation and Management of Contaminated Sediments, held in New Orleans on February 11–14, 2019.  In addition, Integral Principals Bridgette DeShields, Craig Jones, Ph.D., and Marcia Greenblatt, Ph.D., P.E., will co‑chair platform sessions on Tuesday, February 12, and Thursday, February 14.

Integral staff will also be available at Booth #110 with live demonstrations on the application of innovative monitoring techniques to solve the toughest sediment and water quality characterization challenges.  Visit our unique augmented reality display and watch real-time topographic imagery morph to the landforms you create.   We’ll also show you how to transform your data into interactive and compelling visualizations that can be explored and used to answer key questions and facilitate strategic decisions.

On Monday, February 11, Integral Senior Consultant Grace Chang, Ph.D., and Dr. Jones will co-lead a short course.  Titled “Evaluating Sediment Transport:  Best Practices, Tools, Techniques, and Application to Site Management,” this 8‑hour course will cover widely employed devices and methods for characterizing sediment.  Dr. Chang and Dr. Jones will co-present this course with Katherine Cronin of Deltares.

Integral Senior Consultant Janet Anderson, Ph.D., DABT, and Vice President Judi Durda will also co-lead a short course on Monday, February 11.  Titled “An Introduction to PFAS at Contaminated Sediment Sites:  Scientific and Regulatory Overview,” the 4-hour course will discuss per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) and their behavior at contaminated sediment sites, as well as provide an update on regulatory actions.  Dr. Anderson and Ms. Durda will co-present with Daniel Opdyke and Jennifer Benaman of Anchor QEA.

Dr. Greenblatt serves on Battelle’s Technical Steering Committee, working with other environmental professionals to develop the conference program.  For more information on these presentations and Integral’s sediment services, contact Dr. Greenblatt at

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